Homeschooling Through High School In Davie County?

How your Homeschoooled Student can obtain their Driver's License:

A non-public school student under age 18 currently and properly enrolled for at least six months in an NC Homeschool and wishing to obtain a North Carolina driver's license or a learner's permit must first obtain a DEC issued from and signed by either the chief administrator (or his/her designee) of the conventional non-public school in which the student is enrolled, or from the chief administrator of the home school in which the student is enrolled. 

The student must obtain the signed DEC (Driver's Eligibility Certificate) form no more than 30 days before the date the student applies for a North Carolina driver's license or learner's permit

The student must first successfully complete a State of North Carolina approved Driver Education course and receive the North Carolina Driver Education completion certificate. 

After that is completed, the student obtains his/her official State of North Carolina Driving Eligibility Certificate (DEC) from the principal of the North Carolina school in which the student is currently enrolled. 

Once the non-public school official has completed Section 2 of the DEC form (also see next question) and placed his/her signature there as well as entered the issue date (when the form was given to the student), the form will be accepted by the North Carolina DMV only within the next 30 days from that date.

When the under age 18 student is ready to go to the local North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles office to obtain his/her driver's permit/license, the student must present to DMV :

- The student's birth certificate
- The official State of North Carolina Driver Education course completion certificate
- The official State of North Carolina Driving Eligibility Certificate 
- His/her social security card.  

Information about Driver's Education classes is available for Davie County Here:


NC Department of Non Public Education has more information on Driving Eligibility Certificates (DEC):


From the NCDNPE Website:

If you are the chief administrator of a North Carolina non-public school (home or conventional) which has been registered with DNPE for at least the last six calendar months and meets all current North Carolina requirements for such a school, call DNPE 24/7 at (919) 733-4276

As soon as the recorded DNPE greeting begins, press 3 for DECS; then, have paper and pencil in hand as you then listen carefully to the recorded instructions concerning the following seven items you will be asked to leave as a voice message after the sound of the tone: 

1) The type of school (either home or conventional)
2) The county in which it is located
 3) The name of the school's chief administrator
 4) The school's name
5) The school's mailing address, including city and zip code
 6) The School's area code and telephone number
7) The number of DECs needed 

After this information has been electronically recorded, the DECs will then be mailed via US mail within 24 hours, unless it was recorded during the weekend or on a state holiday.  DEC requests via US mail are also accepted. 

There is no DEC financial cost involved.


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