Curriculum Information


These links are provided to help you get started exploring some of the different materials that are available to you. We hope to encourage all those who have chosen to teach their children at home. T.E.A.C.H. is not promoting one type of Homeschooling style over another or endorsing all of the information on these sites by providing them to you, we just hope that you will find them to be inspirational and informative:

Free American History Lessons-

Free Information on Women's roles in History-

Online "Field Trip" to Plimouth Plantation-

Drive Through History DVD's for purchase-

Historic Documents-

World History-


Biblio Plan History-

Math Resources-

Timez Attack-

Math Baseball-

A Plus Math-

Homeschool Science Academy-

Answers in Genesis - Creation Science Materials-

Apologia Educational Ministries-

Discount Homeschool Supplies-

Rainbow Resource Center-

Christian Book Distributors-

Family and Educational Films-

Nest Entertainment-

Teaching Styles and Learning Styles Information

Everyone has their own style of  learning and usually that leads us to teach in a way that would be understandable to us. Most of the time this works out fine, but sometimes we are teaching a child that just doesn't learn in the same way we do. Understanding our children's Learning Styles and preferences can be a step towards better learning, that can make curriculum shopping easier and can make our days  more enjoyable and productive.

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